CGI // James Gardner-Pickett & Clive Biley
Retouching // Clive Biley
Fully digital simulation of the cloth T-Shirt, pinned and pulled and tailored to the exact shape and form needed. This meant we got realistic folds and crease lines, which would normally have to be sculpted.
The simulated T-Shirt is then Sculpted to remove the obvious pin Points and gently caress the shape into the desired one for the final shot.
Every element of the image is created in CGI, as the above wireframe shows, the digital cage that describes the surfaces.
We were tasked with creating faithful recreations of the product line sitting atop wash machines that were also to be digitally created to allow for flexibility in design as well as camera angles and lighting.
The design of the wash machines were to be "generic" and so doing them in CGI was the perfect solution.
It also meant any changes to the actual design of the real product line, could be digitally altered, meaning no need for a costly reshoot in Photography.

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