High Production Value CGI + Motion + Grading + Editing + Retouching
Print Work(High resolution 17,000pixel art) to animation work
Houdini Specialist (VEX, Python, Custom Tools HDA's) || Maya Artist || Nuke Compositing || Davinci Resolve Editor/Grader || Substance||Modo || Zbrush
Redshift + Vray + Arnold
From Fully digital landscapes to Creature Creation, to Beauty Product Pack Shots to Car Shoots.

Self taught from 12 years old, first real CGI job aged 14 for multi national campaign Balmers Cider creating CGI bubbles in the shape of apples. I just knew what i needed to be, a VFX artist.
Joined Smoke & Mirrors London where i resided for nearly 10 years years tackling the most demanding of creative briefs, winning multiple awards such as the Cannes Gold Lion. Then moved to Curious Productions where i was lead CGI artist for around 8 years, highlights include winning the Creative Circle Award for my creation of the Purple Monster for recruiting.com.

Now im available to freelance. 
Specialising in Art Direction + Houdini TD skills

Currently work on directing new work and pushing pipelines, and writing my own tools to enable to the next level of creativity!
 I have a passion for implementing complex systems that make impossible briefs come to life.

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