High end CGI & Retouching artist specialising in High End Print/Animation Advertising, anything from CGI Creature Creation, to Beauty Product Pack Shots to Car Shoots.

Self taught from 12 years old, first real CGI job aged 14 for multi national campaign Balmers Cider creating CGI bubbles in the shape of apples.
I then went on to join Smoke & Mirrors London where i resided for nearly 8 years years tackling all aspects of the job, particularly the large scale images where complex systems must be put in place for the job to be made possible.
Now freelancing working a variety of jobs in all styles and love coming up with the next creative image.

Highly skilled in Houdini,Maya, Modo, Zbrush, Mari, Photoshop and more.
Specialties: High Res (10k+ resolutions) CGI, SubD Modelling, Zbrush Sculpting, Rendering(Maya & Modo)
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