Swinton Insurance wanted a campaign to ‘Turn Nagging Doubt into nothing-to-worry about’. Centred around a hairy character that was the embodiment of insurance worries, legendary Hollywood special effects guru, Bob Kurtzman (the man behind ‘From Dusk Til’ Dawn’, ‘Dances with Wolves’ and many more – check out his IMDB page) was called in to create just that. An animatronic creature that we bring to life!

The wonderful Photography of Kelvin Murray, who shot & directed the expression of "Nagging Doubt", was melded with the CGI props and backgrounds built by us to bring each and every playful scenario to life, as well as compositing work to sit the hairy little one into each shot and exagarate and sculpt expression further.

Client: Swinton Insurance
Agency: BJL
Photographer: Kelvin Murray
CGI: Clive Biley & James Gardner-Pickett
Retouching: Clive Biley & James Gardner-Pickett

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