A lovely little project, a collaboration of photography by Andrew Pickett (the Mouse) and CGI tecniques (the Environment) to create a playful, imaginative image.
Creative Art Direction // James Gardner-Pickett
CGI // James Gardner-Pickett
Photography // Andrew Pickett
Retouching // James Gardner-Pickett & Clive Biley

Particular care was given to lighting this scene, as it needed to let the mouse "read" easily against quite a complex background. so a bright centre spot was used to let tthe mouse almost silhouette out.
Fully digital set build to create the composition desired, and light the scene with great flexibilty.
Each Mouse Trap was, modelled in extreme detail, with shaders that gave it the distressed, aged look we were after.
Photographic Studio
Mouse Shot on greenscreen
We wanted that classic "holy" cheese to tell the story we wanted.
Test render for shader approval and model approval
The final full bleed image rendered in high resolution so any crop in was possible

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