LEFT: RENDER                                                                   RIGHT:WIREFRAME
Creative // James Gardner-Pickett
CGI // James Gardner-Pickett
Retouching // James Gardner-Pickett

A study into photorealistic organic shading in CGI, this is a completely digitally generated scene mimicing real world photographic tecniques.
Computer generating fruit, its particularly challenging as the way they interact with light is a huge challenge in 3d software.
The digital wireframe shows the extent to which no photography was used.
The digital pile of raspberries were simulated falling into a pile so that the predictable hand placed look was avoided entirely. Each blueberry and raspberry were given the correct physical properties to collide together to form a natural pile and lend itself towards the photographic aesthetic.
3D models of the blueberries. 5 different shapes were made to ensure no duplicates were evident
in development process of working out compositions and placements
The Final Result

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