Creative & Art Director // James gardner-Pickett
CGI // James Gardner-Pickett
Retouching // James Gardner-Pickett

The Manta Rays are the next set to follow the award winning "Jellyfish Rise" set, continuing the beautifully colourful themes as well as the fantastical element, centering around magnificent animals of this world doing out of this world things.
Manta Rays were modelled and then sculpted digitally in very high detail. Above is the base low res mesh that then gets sculpted
Manta rays were textured, by painting them digitally directly onto the model.
A fully digital world meant we could go anywhere with the camera, any lighting setup could be achieved 
Fully digital ocean and islands, as well as rigged and posable manta rays
First Execution
The results really come to life in a vibrant fun set of images.
Second Execution

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